Fast fashion? No thanks!

Fair fashion, please! We love timeless designs and quality fashion. Garments that last a long time, but above all remain beautiful for a long time. How are we going to achieve this with sustainable materials?


We can hear you thinking as long as it isn't made in Bangladesh! We are transparent about this and we work with a supplier from Bangladesh (Asia) and in Portugal. There are currently developments with a manufacturer from the Netherlands who recycle old yarn into a new product. Why Bangladesh? Remember the disaster at Rana Plaza? The ten-storey building in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, collapsed. More than 1,100 workers were killed and thousands were injured. This arose because of the poor maintenance of buildings and the exploitation of the cheap purchasing costs of clothing. (Especially the bigger brands) From this disaster the Bangladesh agreement was born. An agreement in which 200 clothing brands had to provide safer working conditions for textile workers. A lot of research and contact moments have gone into finding the right factory in Bangladesh, the reason why we do not want to exclude this manufacturer is for the following reasons:

  • First of all: the employees are of very good quality in the textile work.
  • Second, the women who do not work in the clothing industry often end up in the sex industry involuntarily.
  • Third: the contact and contract with the fair wear foundation made us decide to support the industry in Bangladesh. The customer is held responsible for the circumstances, our purchasing costs are increased as the manufacturer wants to offer maintenance or more salary.

Of course we prefer to work more European and National. We are working hard on this, but unfortunately we speak from experience that not everything "made in Portugal" is actually produced in Portugal. It is a difficult world to trust 100% on what it says. Our confidence in the fairwear foundation is high and very strict and that is why we dare to be honest about this. The quality is simply excellent and the colors are unique and beautiful! Love for the profession in which many developments are still possible. From 2023, fashion chains will be responsible for the collection and recycling of discarded clothing.

The future

The future is uncertain and certainly unknown, but do something with your talent! We can learn from the past. The future lies in recycling, but also in organic cotton. Be kind to the world and yourself. Like organic food, cotton plantations need time and space to grow. The longer we last with our product.

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